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/tie [on|off] enables 1 toon to basically follow another toon. When a toon is in the process of tying (moving to) another toon, the macro is in a paused state. Once the toon is within the variance range of the toon they are tying too, tie disables. If the two toons move farther apart then the variance, tie will re-engage to correct that distance.

- Tie is temporarily disabled while in active combat.
- Home Points are disabled while Tie is active.
- If a Home Point was set prior to a Tie, it will be reset once the Tie has ended.


toon name of the toon you want to follow like a lost puppy
variance how many paces from the toon do you want to get
break "attempt" to stop everything to start a tie
mode submenu see below

/tc . brek:off . mode:-> . toon:[off] . variance:5

Tie Mode

This lets you change the mechanics used for /tie.
- nav: use MQ2Nav plugin and requires good meshes to function well.
- stick: uses MQ2MoveUtils and is not as accurate as nav.

/tc mode . nav . stick