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Entropy is a complete boxing solution for all classes. Allowing for a multitude of play styles across all levels, casual and raid.


  • manual or automated play of all 16 classes
  • unlimited group formations and control
  • multiple pulling methods, including multiple pullers at the same time
  • the best healing macro you will ever find
  • developed on MQNext
  • database driven character files
  • usable at any level
  • multiple contributions to fine tune burn routines
  • 0 closed source plugins
  • HUD
  • Centralized HUD for all your boxes in your zone
  • I could list things here all day.. you will see..

Discord: 2pY6Byt

Install - install instructions
Commands - 99.9% of all / commands in Entropy
Quick and Dirty - some simple examples on how to set things up

TLP Disclaimer: Entropy is written for Live servers. Not TLP. However, a considerable number of users play on TLP just fine.