From Entropy

tl;dr - Download the zip Entropy and extract the zip in the macros folder of MQ. Copy the in to the data folder Start the mac up.


Obtain a copy of the macro here: Entropy


Once you have downloaded the macro, install it in the following folders.

macros/entropy - Contains all the main macro and main database file
macros/entropy/inc - Contains all the macro includes
macros/entropy/data - Will contain all files the macro creates

Add file to your data directory (Right click-save as)

It is YOUR job to backup the data folder



changelog.txt - macro history of changes  
start.mac - main macro  
entropy.sqlite - main macro data repository  

macros/entropy/inc - berserker - bard - beastlord - cleric - druid - enchanter - magician - monk - necromancer - paladin - ranger - rogue - shadowknight - shaman - warrior - wizard - all common subs/functions - all / commands and binds - all events - all mac startup and initialization routines - all off design modes

macros/entropy/data - all of your custom routines (this file is not includes. DL and add it)
all custom character databases - added on mac first start
zone database - added on mac first start
shared database - added on mac first start
loot database - added on mac first start


The following plugins are required.


All of these plugins are available on Builder, RedGuides and MMOBugs


Do a /mac entropy\start.mac if it yells at you for not having some plugins started, start them up and try the command again.

When you see something along this line

Palatial Guild Hall::guildhalllrg_int
Help::/aux or /command aux

You are right as rain.. (your numbers may vary)

new build

New builds and update with database changes will always take a little longer. It is advised you start 1 toon up first, let the changes be made, then start the remaining toons.

A new start looks like so:

Note the delay on the character schema update. This portion will always take the longest.


You can start the mac with up to four (4) options.

auto [True/False] allows you to start the mac in auto.. or not..
debug allows you to start the mac with a debug option enabled

Example: /mac entropy\start.mac debug:cast auto:true debug:rez

Order is not important, syntax is.

The file is kept complete separate so it will never get overwritten on a DL/update/whatever.
All custom hooks, subs, engine settings will go in this file. What you do in here is your business. There is no support for it.