From Entropy

Old Man naps are the best thing ever...


buff allow buffing while in a resting state
combat attempt to rest through combat
full attempt to rest to 100% mana or stamina
modrod beg your local mages for mod rods
pct what % of mana or stamina you want to start trying to rest at
rad area around you with no mobs that is safe to rest

/rest . [list] . buff:on . combat:off . full:on . modrod:off . pct:95 . rad:30

resting considerations

- if a hostile mob at any time enters the rest radius, it will be broken
- if you take damage at any time, rest will be broken
- resing toons will stand when they reach full mana/stamina
- if you put your rest radius higher then your /env rad, you shouldn't be using this macro
- if /cc mode heal is on, healing will still be checked while resting

rest spawn search order

by default it is:

npc radius ${Parse[0,${maRest.Find[stRestRadius].Value}]} playerstate 4  

translation: any npc within your /rest rad that is hostile
This is exposed so it can be adjusted to your liking.