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Pulling. No, not that..!

The graceful art of getting a mob back to your camp so you can deaded it. Unless you are a bard, then a rez needs to be thrown in there.


active enable pulling, or not, i don't care
chain not enough mobs in camp.. go get more
mode method of pulling
navstop how close to get to a mob while pulling before stopping to tag
outrun distance from mob to slow down on a long pull so you don't outrun it
pathlogic use nav path length to find nearest mob
rad radius to find a mob to abuse
sethome auto set home while pulling
stop seriously, why stop pulling?
with what/how you want to tag the mob you are pulling
zrad allowable z-radius for pulling
arc arc radius to pull with (not a requirement)

/pull . active:on . arc:0 . mode:-> . navstop:60 . pathlogic:on . rad:100 . sethome:on . stop:-> . with:-> . zrad:60


/pull with . melee . range . other . bandolier:[off]


Running up to a target and slapping it in the back of the head. Then running, screaming like a little girl, back to camp. Praying the cleric doesn't hate you.


Pulling with a bow and arrows. Try to not overcomplicate it.


Using something other then a left hook or a bow to pull falls under other. There are 12 slots available to add things to pull with; spells, AAs, Discs, items.

Pull other lists follows the same pattern as all other lists selections do.

Pull List::  
stPull1::on::Protest for Honor  
stPull4::off::Staff of Viral Flux  


Allows you to swap to a specific Bandolier while in the pull process and return to previous equipment wen back at camp.


Stops (pauses) pulling when a party member meets the criteria below. If a mob is in the immediate camp, this system is ignored.
NOTE: if time is set to 0, the entire system will be disabled.

pct % of health and/or mana to stop pulling at for group members
rez stop pulling if someone has rez effects
time seconds to delay pulling before you check again

/pull stop . pct:0 . rez:off . time:0


See Pulling for a detailed description of the modes.


Chain pulling is use by a secondary puller. If the number of mobs in the immediate camp is equal to or less then the /chain pull #, the secondary puller will go get more. It doesnt care how many more, just more.

a couple notes:
- if the secondary puller is engaged in combat with a mob, it will not get more. it will wait till the current mob is dead.
- the checks to see if there are enough mobs in camp are only done between kills.