From Entropy

How to get from here to ... almost there...

/port see guild|item allows you to see available ports

/port see guild|item|vendor|aa|wiz|dru allows you to use these port spells/items/whatever`


Allows you to navigate and use Guild hall placeable ports.

/port see guild - will show you all the guild placed ports you can use.
So, you may have the following in your guild hall, hanging on a wall, or standing in the corner.

::tbl::Stratos Fire Platform  
::tbm::Cynosure of Health  
::eok::Ancient Iksar Translocator Statue  
::ros::Gorowyn Translocator Lantern  
::halas1::Placard: Halas  
::everfrost::Claw Sconce Torch  
::steamfront2::Fantastic Fuel Orb  
::ak'anon1::Shelf of Gnomish Spirits  
::sebilis::Froglok Head in a Jar  
::surefall::Brazier: The Everburning Ruby  
::neriak1::Painting: Toadstool Tavern  
::neriak2::Painting: The Blind Fish  
::neriak3::Painting: Maiden's Fancy  
::neriak4::Painting: Slugs Tavern  
::pom::Painting: Haunting Laughter  
::highhold::Banner: The Knotted Serpent  
::qeynos1::Banner: Traveler's Tapestry  
::qeynos2::Coat of Arms: Qeynos  

you could issue the command: /port guild highhold and it will navigate you to that painting, and select the port option for you.


Item, searches your character inventory for any port clickie you may have. to see whats available `/port see item`. This will also let you know if it is in cooldown and any components you may need for the port.

::primary::Primary Anchor Transport Device 
::secondary::Secondary Anchor Transport Device 
::door::Bulwark of Many Portals 
::stein::Drunkard's Stein 
::mirror::Mirror Fragment of Anashti Sul 
::iksarstone::Ancient Iksar Translocator Stone 
::warportal::Necklace of Warportal Fragments (Small Portal Fragments::16) 
::pokbrick::Brick of Knowledge 
::fellowship::Fellowship Registration Insignia 
::brells::Mark of Brell 
::scepter::Sceptre of Draconic Calling 
::rofsignet::Signet of the Crystal Circle 
::jaggedpine::Ring of Jaggedpine 
::arx::Arx Key 
::stratos::Stratos Air Platform 
::gyrospire::Gyrospire Relocation Device 
::binden::fabled::The Fabled Binden Concerrentia (Quintessence of Knowledge::45) 
::lamp::zephyr::Wishing Lamp: Zephyr's Flight 
::slide::greatdivide::Zueria Slide: Great Divide 
::frost::Froststone Crystal Resonator 
::nature::Faithstone of Nature 

/port item primary would use your primary anchor


Vendor uses the guild hall vendor to buy the port stone and hand in. This will not take the port. Just prep the hall.

vendor ports:

fay          - Forest Emerald of Faydark  
commons      - Grassy Pebble of The Commonlands  
karana       - Karana Plains Pebble  
tox          - Opal of Toxxulia  
lava         - Lavastorm Magma  
iceclad      - Frozen Shard of Iceclad  
stonebrunt   - Moss agate of Stonebrunt  
dreadlands   - Shattered Bone of the Dreadlands  
undeershore  - Undershore Coral  
twilight     - Shadowed Sand of the Twilight Sea  
slaughter    - Chipped Shard of Slaughter    
barnidu      - Etched Marble of Barnidu  
hate         - Fuligan Soulstone of Innoruuk  
cobalt       - Velium Shard of Cobalt Scar  
air          - Cloudy Stone of Veeshan  
arcstone     - Arcstone Spirit Sapphire  
mesa         - Goru'kar Mesa Sandstone  
katta        - Katta Castrum Powerstone  
time         - Broke Timestone  
dragonscale  - Dragonscale Faycite  
banner       - Splinter from a Guild Standard  
brells       - Unrefined Brellium Ore  
hot          - Crystallixed Dream of the Feerrott  
argath       - Chunk of Argathian Steel  
rof          - Stone of the Shard's Fall  
cotf         - Stormstone of the West  
tds          - Drawned Katta Castrum Powerstone  
eok          - Fragement of the Combine Spire  
ros          - Minature Worker's Sledge Mallet  
tbm          - Burning Lamp  
tov          - Brilliant Frigid Gemstone  

/port vendor banner would set the guild portal to the raid banner


Use AAs to skip around town. /port see aa will show you any port AAs you have that are not on cooldown

::throne::Throne of Heroes  

/port aa throne would you your Throne of Heroes AA and take you to lag city.

Wizard (wiz)

(still being built)

Druid (dru)

(still being built)