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/nomore allows for the removal of one, some, or all buffs.


see lists all SPA types. long ass list
all removes all normal and short buffs
invis removes all forms of invis
levi removes all forms of levitation
da removes all forms of Divine Aura/Invulnerabilities
SPA TYPE see below


There are roughly 500+ SPA types. Most of them are so remarkably well named, no one has a fucking clue what they do. `/nomore list` will give a complete list of them all. It is a very long list. So, we will use the SPA type Levitation as an example. /nomore Levitation - will cycle through all of short and long buffs and remove any buff with a SPA that has Levitation.

Any SPA that is more then 1 word, like Max HP will need to be enclosed in quotes like: /nomore "Max HP"

An external list can be found here: