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Modes do some out of the ordinary things. No real easy way to generalize an explanation. So, see below for the different ones.

Many modes will work together.


/mode . drag . farm . fish . forage . harvest . hunt . lush . petfarm . summon . trainskill . trainspell . data:(off) . <stop>


this will, literally, drag an entire wiped raid corpse pile around with you.


This is the automation routine for farming tasks (missions) in eq. Each one is built custom.

current farming tasks:  
Shards Landing: Fear Begins at Home


Fishes for shit. Uses a Fisherman's Companion. If you don't have one. go get it.


Forages for things. Forever. Will follow your loot settings, keeping what you want and destroying what you do not want and so on.


Runs around and picks up ground items. The items you want picked up are defined in `/mode data name|name|name` and so on. If you have a cheezy mesh for the zone, your results will match.


Hunts mobs in a zone. If /mode data is off, it will hunt every mob in a zone. If you set the data, it will only hunt that mob.

If you do not set a specific mob to hunt in data, and want to simply kill everything, you need to set the following:

- turn on pulling  
- set a large enough pull radius to find a mob to kill  
- make sure you have some type of combat routine established  
- turn the mode on


Drinks whatever you have set in `/mode data` until you are max alcohol tolerance. That's it, you become the local bar slut. Have fun.


Take a pet class type toon, park them in a spot and turn on, and the pet will kill anything in its pull radius. Note: a pets max radius from its owner is 350.

Alternately, you can build a file called farmroute.ini and place it in your data directory. the file contents should be built like so:

loc1=645.23 -1415.99 -452.27
loc2=492.14 -1275.01 -432.16
loc3=660.06 -1024.98 -406.51
loc18=-1117.23 -891.90 -409.53
[zone short name]  
stops=the number of stops in your route  
loc#= the Y X Z location you want to move too  
loc#wait=the time to sit at that location wile pet kills everything there  

When a complete route is finished and you get back to location 1, you will rebuff and rest if needed.

use example: /mode petfarm kodtaz and go get lunch.


If you are in the guild lobby, it will run and get the summoning stone, and turn it in to get your corpses. Moving on now.


Trains the various melee skills (class doesn't matter). Works best when dueling a pet that is light blue to you. Will train beg as well.



Sets names for things associated with other modes, like lush or harvest.


Shuts down all modes.