From Entropy


Has the following options

arc faceable arc range to your current combat target
campfire places a normal campfire
deathclear clear home set on a death
facefast face the target fast (no slow turning)
incombat does its best to keep toons in their home (/env rad) area during combat
mount NA
onauto set home marker on /env auto
set flag is a home marker is set or not
variance range to your home marker that is considered at home

/home . arc:15 . campfire . deathclear:on . facefast:on . incombat:off . mount:0 . movebehind:off . onauto:off . set:(off) . variance:6


Normal facing movements place you directly at a mob and allow for no variance. If you try to move any, it moves you right back. Arc allows you a variance on facing movements so it is not so stringent.


Places a normal campfire. If there is a campfire placed somewhere, it removes it and places a new one. If you have the materials, `/home campfire advanced` will place the good campfire with the buff bonuses.


Removes the set home point when you die.


Allows instant facing movements and not slow turning.


If set, a toon will attempt to return to its /env rad ## range from their home camp if they go out of it during combat.


Does jack all, don't use it right now.


If no home point is set, create one when /env auto is turned on


Creates a Home Point for your toon.
Looking like Home::Set . Y:25.73 X:-150.33 Z:18.27
Sets are not persistent. They will end if:
- the macro ends
- /here is issued
- /env auto is turned off
- /tie is used