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Welcome to the most underappreciated subject of EQ. So despised, they made mercs to replace us.

Fortunately, the mercs are retarded (in every sense of the word).


You have 50 slots for healing. A heal can come from an item, a spell, a disc. They do not need to be created in order.

/heal ## name [gem#|cursor|"Spell Name"] - This lets you assign the heal name to slot number ##. The name is what you want to cast
/heal ## tag [tagnames(S)] [add|delete] - Lets you add a tag or tags to the specific heal
/heal ## - is a toggle [on|off] to enable/disable that specific heal
/heal aux - will show the inline help for heals
/heal see - will show all variables for all heals
/heal ## see - will show all the information for a specific heal
/heal ## clear - will reset a heal slot to defaults
/heal ## tag clear - will reset all tags for that heal ## to defaults
/heal line #|#|#|# - will set the heal order to the #|#|# you set


adj forced max health adjustment
ch submenu
group heal your group?
break break heal if intended target hits its heal point
dannet heal dannet members
groupcount # of hurt in group to use group heal
hot submenu
grouphot use group heal over time [SHM,CLR]
pet heal pets?? why??
point submenu
promise use promise heals
rampage Name of the rampage tank
self heal yourself!
splash # mobs in area to use splash [PAL,CLR]
weight use weighted healing
xt heal peeps on the xtarget window
xtclass submenu
tot target of target healing

/heal . adj:0 . break:on . ch:-> . group:on . groupcount:0 . grouphot:on . hot:-> . pet:off . point:-> . promise:off . rampage:[off] . self:off . splash:1 . weight:on . xt:on . xtclass:->


Healing supports a max ceiling adjustment.
Basically, it lets you alter what the game sees as a max HP values.

For example, a toons max HP % is typically 100%. If you set /heal adj 75, the code will believe the max healing is now 75%. All %s that deal with healing and a players health are adjusted accordingly; all heal points for all classes, all panic checks, all of it. Anything that heals with a % in mind will be adjusted by this setting.

This setting will not change when you zone or restart the mac, it will remain till you change it back.

To turn it off, set it to `0`.


ch % to start Complete heal at

/heal ch . pct:0
required tag: heal::complete
required class: CLR

Cleric Complete Heal is handled differently. Regardless of what class the CH is casting on, it uses the /heal ch pct ## as the heal point to start casting.

CH requires the group roll ${Group.MainTank} to be set on the person you want to use CH on. If you don't have group rolls, sorry.


required tag: heal::group

This is the on/off for Group healing. if groupcount is 0, it's not gonna do a whole lot.


The on/off switch for healing dannet members (entropy) channel.


The number of people in your group that are below their HealPoint before you start using group heals.


active use single target heal
pct health % of the target to use a single HoT

required tag: heal::hot


required tag: heal::minion

Anyone that wants to heal a pet can heal a pet. I'm not sure why anyone would want to heal a pet. But, you can. All pets are treated as the class they are. Healed with normal HealPoints


ClassShortName % health you want to start healing this class

Also known as HealPoints
/heal point WAR:99 . PAL:99 . SHD:99 . BRD:85 . RNG:80 . BST:80 . BER:80 . MNK:80 . ROG:80 . WIZ:80 . MAG:80 . ENC:95 . NEC:80 . CLR:95 . DRU:80 . SHM:80

This lets you control when you start to heal a specific class. With the example above, my healer would not start healing rogues till they are 80% health or less.

You can adjust HealPoints two ways: you can target the class type and do:
/heal point ## and it will adjust that class to that number
or you can simply do:
/heal point ## ROG and change the rogues HealPoints


If enabled, will stop the current heal if the intended target is at or above its set HealPoint. This is checked 3/second while a heal cast is in progress.


required tag: heal::promise

The on/off switch for using the promised line of heals.


/heal rampage is designed to take the name of a toon. Whatever toon you put in there, the healer will completely ignore. As in, the cleric will stand there, doing nothing and watch it die if the situation presents itself. Now, you might ask why this is useful. A rampage tank, generally, a paladin or SK that is running a DA procking weapon, will shrug off all your heals as if they meant nothing. Even if the tank is at 10% health, and you try to heal, you get jack. So, we choose to ignore the rampage tank.


required tag: heal::self
This is for healing you. This is not for healing others. You cannot use this to heal your pets. Moving on..


required tag: heal::splash
Required classes: CLR,PAL

This is to enable clerics and paladins to splash heal. This is not for shamans, they are handled differently..


If you enable /heal weight, you change the calculations use to determine who is hurt the worst.

If the setting is off, When a healing cycle is checked, it will find the first person that is below their heal point and heal them. Simple as that. If the setting is on, the heal cycle will take all hurt people into consideration. Calculate which is hurt worst according to their current health and their heal points, and heal that person.

So, we have a WAR with a HealPoint of 99 that is currently at 80% health and we have a Pally with a HealPoint of 95 and is at 80% health. The pally is the first person in our group, the warrior is the 4th. With weight off, the pally would get healed first because they are the first found below their HealPoint. Even though the warrior is hurt more. With weight on, the code will heal the WAR over the pally since it is hurt more.

Weight calculations apply to:group, xtarget and dannet healing only.


This is the on/off switch for healing what you have set on your extended target.

You can force a refresh of this list, if you need, with: /heal xt build


ClassShortName Add this class to Xtarget for healing

/heal xtclass WAR:on . PAL:on . SHD:on . BRD:off . RNG:off . BST:off . BER:off . MNK:on . ROG:off . WIZ:off . MAG:off . ENC:off . NEC:off . CLR:off . DRU:off . SHM:off

any class you have turned on will be added to your xtarget list for healing with /heal xtarget

Odd Cases

shaman surge

required tag: heal::surge

Shaman surge controls are located in the /cls controls for the shaman.

xtarget additions

You can add specific toons or NPCs to your xtarget list for healing.

lsProtectOutsideGroup - contains the list of names to add.

To add a name to the list: /edit lsProtectOutsideGroup toonname add
To delete a name from the list /edit lsProtectOutsideGroup npcname delete
To see what's on the list: /see lsProtectOutsideGroup

Names in this list will be added to your xtarget list first before the class selections.