From Entropy

When you seriously, just need a quick way to get away from the in-laws.


active switch to enable/disable
dead number of group members dead (0=off)
force force gtfo
spawns number of spawns in your ENV to trigger a panic attack (0=off)

/gtfo . active:off . dead:0 . force . spawns:0

/gtfo contains the normal list controls used by all other list pools; nuke, heal, so on.

GTFO List::  
stGTFO1::on::Gyrospire Relocation Device  
stGTFO2::on::Bulwark of Many Portals  
stGTFO3::on::Drunkard's Stein  


By default the Oh My God I'm Gonna Die check is done every 6 seconds. This is not a hardcoded timer and you can change it in the maTimer map. If you have active off, this system is disabled. If you have nothing in the list of things that can get you out of trouble, this system will not be used (that's just an example from my cleric). The force option will ignore the other conditions and just use the first available OMG I hate meatloaf port.

This can be set up on one toon with an group evac, or individually. However you want.


This is not a broadcasted command.