From Entropy

Env is full of environment settings for the character (a couple are useless) and how it will interact with them.


Has the following options

loot Menu for looting things
auto set toon to automatic.. or not.. up to you..
autoinv keep hands clear
begmage ask your local mage for rods
buffgem the spwap gem slot for buffs
buffgemhold remember the spell in your buff gem slot
exp auto exp adjustment options
fireworks waste fireworks AAs
meal Menu for food and drink
moblvlmax max level of mob you will engage
moblvlmin min lvl of mob you will engage
nukeloop stay in the nuke cycle till all nukes are cast
rad your area of operations
safelistguild allow guild on safelist
saferadius your personal snowflake bubble
tagkegi take group invites
takeri take raid invites
tribute use tribute

/env . advloot:off . auto:(off) . autoinv:off . begmage:off . buffgem:13 . buffgemhold:off . exp:-> . fireworks:off . meal:-> . moblvlmax:500 . moblvlmin:1 . nukeloop:off . rad:270 . rest:-> . safelistguild:off . saferadius:30 . takegi:on . takeri:off . tribute:off


Enables the use of advanced loot controls op determine what to do with .. whatever you are looting.
- All loot choices are maintained in data\loot.sqlite.
- By default, all items are considered keep.

/env loot . off . manual . advanced

- off: do not use advanced looting
- manual: (currently under construction. come back later)
- advanced: use advanced looting


One of the main switches in all of Entropy. This controls if your character is in automatic or manual mode.


This command uses the list variable `lsAutoInventory`. Anything in that list is automatically shoved into your inventory as fast as it can be. Useful to keep things off the cursor.



This is the gem ## that will be used to swap out all your buffs.


Enabling this will allow the code to remember what spell was in the buff gem slot and place it back after buffing is done.


adjust use automatic level maintaining
level the level you want to maintain
maintain % into the level you want to hold

/env exp . adjust:off . level:110 . maintain:99


Wastes your AA on fireworks. Told you some were useless.


food Name of the food you want to consume
drink Name of the drink you want to consume

Entropy will use the meal settings you have to keep you satiated so you do not consume stat food. Placement of these items on your character is not important, as long as they are on you, you will eat/drink them first.

/env meal::
. food:[Misty Thicket Picnic]
. drink:[Kaladim Constitutional]


This is the maximum level of any mob you are willing to engage in combat.


The minimum level of a mob you are willing to engage in combat.


This was written in primarily for TLP peoples. Normally, Entropy will cast the first available nuke in a list, release to do filler DPS then go back and cast the next one when gems are back up. With this enable, it will stay in the nuke cycle until the entire list has been cast before releasing.


Your env rad is the radius you are willing to consider as acceptable for combat engage. Anything outside this radius is not a valid target. This goes for all forms of combat, healing, crowd control, so on.


allows anyone in your guild to be automatically accepted as part of your safe list.


This is a *small* area around you you consider your personal space. By default it is 30 paces.
This radius is applied to numerous things. The most prevalent is resting.


Auto takge group invites from anyone on your safe list.


Auto take raid invites from anyone on your safe list.


Enable (or disable) tribute activation during raids. If you are in a raid, this will turn on personal and trophy tribute. When you leave a raid, it will turn it off. There is no timing considerations for the 10 min increments that tributs use.