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All controls in Entropy fall back on the /edit command.

- You can use /edit to directly edit (99%) of all variables in the characters database.
- Any edits made with /edit are not parsed. Meaning /edit variable "${Me.Name}" would not put in your name into the database. It will put ${Me.Name}.
- Edits can directly edit and switch, list or string.


All variables that are an integer or word/combination of words start with st.

Example: stBuffGem is the # of the gem slot you want to use for buffs.

To edit this you can either do /env buffgem ##.
Or if you have the variable name, you can do /edit stBuffGem ##.
Both produce the same results even though the output is different.


String switches are TRUE|FALSE
Integer switches are 1|0

swAuto is the main macro on off switch variable.
For switches you can do /env auto and it will work as a toggle. If it was on it will turn off.
You can do /env auto on and it will force it on. Off will force off.
Or you can use edit and do /edit swAuto FALSE to turn it off.


Editing lists requires some additional parameters.

An empty list in Entropy is not exactly empty. It contains 1 item, the work EMPTY. It is used as a marker to show there is nothing of value in the list.

The healing routines check a list; lsNoHealToon for toon names that you really do not like and have no desire to heal. We will use this as our list examples. By default, it is EMPTY.

- add: will add something to a list
You can add a single person to this list with /edit lsNoHealToon uselessbardname add
This will add the bard to that list. It will become the only entry in the list as it was EMPTY before.
You can add several things to a list at once using a delimiter of |.
/edit lsNoHealToon uselessbardname|mikethemonk|greg add. This will add all three people at once to the no heals from me list.

- delete: will delete something from a list
Removing something from a list, you swap out add for delete.
You can only remove ONE list item at a time.

- clear: will reset a list to EMPTY
To clear lsNoHealToon you would do /edit lsNoHealToon clear and it will be reset to EMPTY.