From Entropy

Debugging in Entropy is very compartmentalized. Personally, I only want to see where I want to see.


Buff: cb, ammo, beg, unity, aura, crew, buffself, shrink, poison, class, now, temp, bocked, buffgroup, buffraid, drop  
Heal: cure, xt, group, pet, self, hurt, tot, dannet, rez  
Move: face, tie, stick, stop, home, gtfo  
Debuff: debuff, mez  
Minion: petbuild, lost, sic, temp, heal  
Cast: item, nuke, dot  
Loot: loot  
Mode: forage, drag, summon, petfarm, harvest, hunt, fish, farm, lush, trainskill, trainspell  
Combat: def, target, melee, burn, agro, pull, misc, assist, decision, proc, ttl, sash, status, wait, hardstop, prediction  
Other: rest, spire, glyph, fireworks, manarecover, fade, event, watch, tag, safe, intensity, chrwatch, staminarecover, inventoryscan, invis  
Admin: build, observe, house, exit, sqledit, e3  
Schema: init, s_zone, s_character, s_loot, s_nav, s_shared  
Zone: area  

So, to debug Xtarget Healing you would do /debug heal xt

Debugs are not persistent. They reset to FALSE on a mac start/restart.

Some of them produce an excessive amount of output. Be prepared to provide screenshots. All output is in the mq2 window, not the mqlog.

Starting with a debug running

Entropy can be started with 4 options. All 4 can be different debugs if needed.

/mac entropy\start.mac debug:invis debug:aura
Would start the mac with the debug on for the /invis command and aura buffing.