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The act of insulting a mob so bad, it just stands there and gives you exp!

All debuffing types are open to all classes.


You have 12 slots for debuff. A debuff can come from an item, a spell, a disc, an AA, whatever. They do not need to be created in order.

/debuff ## name - [gem#|cursor|"Spell Name"] - This lets you assign the debuff name to slot number ##. The name is what you want to cast. Not the effect you want, just simply the name of the spell, item or disc
/debuff ## tag - [tagname(s)] [add|delete] - Lets you add a tag or tags to the specific debuff
/debuff ## - is a toggle [on|off] to enable/disable that specific debuff
/debuff aux - will show the inline help for debuff
/debuff see - will show all variables for all debuff
/debuff ## see - will show all the information for a specific debuff
/debuff ## clear - will reset a debuff slot to defaults
/debuff ## tag clear - will reset all tags for that debuff ## to defaults


cripple use items tagged with cripple on your target
eradicate use eradicate (buff removal) things on a target
malo use malo on a target
mez mezing things
slow use slow on a target
snare snare a target
tash tash a target

/debuff . [list] . cripple:off . eradicate:off . malo:off . mez:off-> . slow:off . snare:off . tash:off


tag required: debuff::cripple


tag required: debuff::Eradicate


tag required: debuff::malo


active mez things
resistcount auto tash a mob after # of mez resists

/debuff mez . active:off . resistcount:3


tag required: debuff::slow


tag required: debuff::snare


tag required: debuff::tash


By default debuffs are executed in the following order: tash/malo/slow/eradicate/snare You can change that order, however you like, by editing lsdeBuffOrder


debuff::cripple::marker /debuff cripple
debuff::eradicate::marker /debuff eradicate
debuff::malo::marker /debuff malo
debuff::mez::marker /debuff mez
debuff::mezae::marker /debuff mez ae
debuff::slow::marker /debuff slow
debuff::snare::marker /debuff snare
debuff::tash::marker /debuff tash


the following debuff types
- slow
- cripple
- tash
- malo

Will do a debuff comparison on the current target and will go with the better debuff, yours or whatever is on the target.