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/cc contains the majority of all combat options. With this, you can really screw things up. Have fun..


alliance use alliances
ass assist submenu
engage % or mobs health to engage at
force combat on a single target. for use in manual mode
glyph glyph submenu
melee Use burns in a raid environment
mode combat mode submenu
stoponds stop melee attacking a mob with a damage shield
zradius up/down area of operations

/cc . alliance:off . ass:-> . engage:99 . glyph:-> . melee:-> . mode:-> . pull:-> . stoponds:off . zradius:60


Alliances are not fully implemented. Come back later.


ma enable using the list for manual assist
smart smart assist: g,1,2,3

/cc ass . ma:off . smart[off]

Whenever possible, use smart assists. They can respond much faster as the information needed for engage, is already present on the client. Manual assists have to go get the data.

the assist list lsAss, is used by both DanNet and Manual Assist.

- some shortcuts  to editing the list   
  you can edit the list for assisting like so  
  /cc ass list - will display the list of toons  
  /cc ass list ToonName add - will add that toon to the bottom of the list  
  /cc ass list ToonName delete - will remove that toon from the list and no one else  
  /cc ass list clear - will reset the list to its default of EMPTY  
  you can add multiple names at once like so  
  /cc ass list Bob|Fred|Mike add  
  you cannot delete names like this  

- Order of Priorities
Smart Assist -> DanNet (list)
if MA (manual assist) is enabled, smart and dannet will be ignored and the list will be used for manual assisting only.


This is the % of the mobs health the assist is attacking that you want to join in on the beat down. Only gonna say this once. Do Not set it to 100%. Do stupid things, get stupid prizes.


This a one off command that will force a toon in manual mode to engage its combat routines on the current target. The combat will continue until either: the target is dead, or an `/alto` command is issued.


Glyphs are activated during a burn. When a glyph is spent, the code will rebuy the same one for you if you have enough AA banked.

group use glyphs on group (out of raid) burns
name name of the glyph you want to use
raid use glyphs on raid burns

/cc glyph . group:off . name:[Glyph of Dragon Scales] . raid:off


Modes are how a toon enters combat and what type of combat it will engage in. Combinations are just fine.

dot combat dot
heal combat heal
melee combat melee
nuke combat nuke
range combat range
cc combat crowd control

/cc mode . dot:off . heal:off . melee:off . nuke:off . range:off . cc:off


This enables using dots set up in [/dot](DoT) when combat is engaged. - heal Enabling heal mode, allows [/heal](Healing) to be done outside of combat. As long as the toon is in auto, they will constantly watch the heal types you have turn on to heal people. With this mode, the character does not need to be in combat. Heal mode is an overriding mode. it will attempt to heal until there is no one left to be healed.


Stab it with the pointy end.


Enables the use of nukes set in [/nuke](Nuking) while in active combat.


Uses whatever you have set up to range with. Using range in combination with melee will cause the toon to auto adjust positions. Example: you place your toon 40 paces from the group. the tank ends up tanking the mob closer to the range toon, it will adjust to melee until the mob is dead and return to range for the next. Example: if you use only range and no melee, the toon will auto adjust to a position away from the assist target so it can range. If you have a home position set, it will return after the mob is dead.


Enables crowd control for classes that can. This mode functions outside of active combat and will attempt to cc mobs even before the assist has a target. CC mode is an overriding mode, it will focus on that until all mobs are either controlled or dead.


This will stop melee from attacking a mob with a damage shield on it. Try and use a little common sense, if you leave this on and the mob has a 1 HP DS, it's not gonna attack it.


The Z (Up/Down) radius that you will consider targets valid.