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Class Orders

- all the classes are set up 4 stages:
lsOrderClassBase::what they do all the time while in auto
lsOrderClassPre::what they do pre combat
lsOrderClass::what they do while in combat
lsOrderClassPost::what they do at the end of a combat loop


Issuing a /chr list from a cleric returns:

ase Order::lsOrderClassBase
Pre Order::lsOrderClassPre
Main Order::lsOrderClass
Post Order::lsOrderClassPost


From the cleric example above, notice not all things are used. Some common sense should be applied, clerics don't CC. So, there is no need for that in their class rotations.

melee - execution of melee routines 
heal - heal a thing  
burn - class burn() routine  
misc - class misc_combet() routine  
dot - cast dots on ducks  
nuke - throw firecrackers at kids  
debuff - hurle insults  
item - play with your thing  
pet - sends pets in and swarm for active combat  
swarm - class specific swarm pets like bst and mage  
manarecover - shared mana_recover() routine  
alliance - *borked atm*    
staminarecover - shared stamina_recover() routine  
checkminion - pet class pet checker thingie  
xtarget - sorts/builds xtargets for healers  
taunt - taunt stuff  
agro - agro routines  
harmonious - knight harmonious routine [SHD|PAL]     
cc - CC (mez) routine  
gather - aa mana gather routine