From Entropy

The act of pulling out a can-o-whoop ass on a target you really want dead.


Has the following options

auto Burn on a named mob
count Burn when # of mobs in in area
engage Start burn at ## health
force Force burning all the time
raid Use burns in a raid environment
spinup Force what burns you can get away with before a combat starts

/burn . auto:off . count:99 . engage:99 . force:off . raid:off . spinup


A burn condition that will trigger when a named mob is encountered.
Named mobs are controlled with the /area named command.


An alternate burn condition that will activate when a ## of mobs are in your /env rad ##.


The % of the targets health to start burns. DO NOT set it at 100. Do stupid things, get stupid results.


An on/off switch that will force the character to burn all the time. No condition requirements, just burn..


Enable or disable using burns while in a raid.


A simple one off trigger that will activate whatever burns are able while out of combat with no target.

mode heal

Toons with /cc mode heal enabled do not need a target to burn on a named mob. if /burn auto is enabled, they will burn when a named is within their env rad.

Engine 2

With Engine 2 enabled, /burn takes on a lot more options. You have 20 slots for Burns. A buff can come from an item, a spell, a disc. They do not need to be created in order.

/burn ## name [gem#|cursor|"Spell Name"] - This lets you assign the burn name to slot number ##. The name is what you want to cast.
/burn ## tag [tagnames(S)] [add|delete] - Lets you add a tag or tags to the specific burn
/burn ## - is a toggle [on|off] to enable/disable that specific burn
/burn aux - will show the inline help for burns
/burn see - will show all variables for all burns
/burn ## see - will show all the information for a specific burn
/burn ## clear - will reset a burn slot to defaults
/burn ## tag clear - will reset all tags for that burn ## to defaults

Engine 3


When you have engine 2 enabled, it will circumvent all the designed burn routines and leave you in complete control of it. You will be required to create all the burns you want, and how they interact with other burns.