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Timers are used all over the place in entropy.

a sample of all the timer variables:

[MQ2] maTimer . 49 items
[MQ2] tiCheck_Alliance::6s
[MQ2] tiCheck_Ammo::5s
[MQ2] tiCheck_Behind::10s
[MQ2] tiCheck_Buff_Aura::3m
[MQ2] tiCheck_Buff_Beg::1m
[MQ2] tiCheck_Buff_Crew::1m
[MQ2] tiCheck_Buff_Cycle::1m
[MQ2] tiCheck_Buff_Group::1m
[MQ2] tiCheck_Buff_Now::6s
[MQ2] tiCheck_Buff_Powersource::10m
[MQ2] tiCheck_Buff_Raid::2m
[MQ2] tiCheck_Buff_Self::1m
[MQ2] tiCheck_Buff_Shrink::10m
[MQ2] tiCheck_Buff_Temp::30s
[MQ2] tiCheck_Buff_Unity::5m
[MQ2] tiCheck_Cure::6s
[MQ2] tiCheck_Cursor::5s
[MQ2] tiCheck_Drop_Buffs::6s
[MQ2] tiCheck_EXP_Adjust::5m
[MQ2] tiCheck_FoodDrink::10m
[MQ2] tiCheck_GTFO::6s
[MQ2] tiCheck_Home::1
[MQ2] tiCheck_Housekeeping::30s
[MQ2] tiCheck_Inventory_ManaClick::1m
[MQ2] tiCheck_LoS_Timeout::10s
[MQ2] tiCheck_Loot::2s
[MQ2] tiCheck_Mercenary::1s
[MQ2] tiCheck_Minion_Buff::1m
[MQ2] tiCheck_Minion_Cycle::1m
[MQ2] tiCheck_Minion_Shrink::1m
[MQ2] tiCheck_Mode::5
[MQ2] tiCheck_Observers::1m
[MQ2] tiCheck_Poison::1m
[MQ2] tiCheck_Prediction::1
[MQ2] tiCheck_Proc_Sash::5s
[MQ2] tiCheck_Pull_Hardstop::1
[MQ2] tiCheck_Pull_Hardstop_Delay::1
[MQ2] tiCheck_Regen::3s
[MQ2] tiCheck_Target::5s
[MQ2] tiCheck_Tie::5
[MQ2] tiCheck_Tribute::1m
[MQ2] tiCheck_Xtarget_Build::99m
[MQ2] tiCheck_Yaulp::6s
[MQ2] tiCheck_Zone_ID::10s
[MQ2] tiCheck_deBuffs::6s
[MQ2] tiNuke_Delay::1
[MQ2] tiTry_Door::4s
[MQ2] tiWaste_Fireworks::15m

I'm not going to get into the details of each one, and be aware, some classes have timers others do not. The majority of them, you can discern what they are used for by their name.

editing timers

To change a timer, use the /edit command. Let's say you want to change how often cures are checked; the default of 6s may be a bit much for you.

/edit tiCheck_Cure 24s

Would change the timer to only allow cure checks every 24 seconds. No macro restart is needed, it will adapt.

A lot of controls also have options for the associated timers. You can change them there as well.