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Crews (groupings of up to 6 toons) are controlled by crewnames in Entropy. You can make as many crewnames with different toons and assigned roles as you like. All crew data is shared. - All names replaced with classes to protect the not-so-innocent.


add submenu
buildas creates a group
delete submenu
form puts group together and assigns roles

/crew . add:-> . buildas . delete:-> . form


active on/off use class agro skills
character creates a character for use in crews
crewname creates a crewname (group name)
member submenu
role adds a character to a role for a crewname

/crew add . character . crewname . member . role


/crew add character NAME [SERVER] will add that character and server (if not specified will use current server) for use in creating groups to form.
- Any character running entropy will be automatically added to the list of existing characters.


/crew add CREWNAME will create an empty crewname.


/crew add member CHARACTER CREWNAME will add an existing character to an existing crewname.


/crew add CHARACTER ROLE CREWNAME will add a group role for that character to a specific crewname.
- not all roles are used by Entropy, only here for the sake of completion and expansion.

Valid roles::


/crew buildas CREWNAME will build a crewname with the design of your current group, matching all roles.
- buildas will only make new, it will not overwrite existing

Notice::/crew buildas  - will only build a NEW group from your current group design.
/crew buildas::main2 (Success)
/crew buildas::RANGER main2 (Success)
/crew buildas::BEASTLORD main2 (Success)
/crew buildas::BEASTLORD main2 Leader (Success)
/crew buildas::PALADIN main2 (Success)
/crew buildas::PALADIN main2 MainTank (Success)
/crew buildas::PALADIN main2 MainAssist (Success)
/crew buildas::ENCHANTER main2 (Success)
/crew buildas::ROGUE main2 (Success)
/crew buildas::ROGUE main2 MasterLooter (Success)
/crew buildas::CLERIC main2 (Success)

Names removed to protect the not-so-innocent.


crewname deletes a crewname
role deletes a role

/crew delete . crewname . role


/crew delete crewname NAME will delete a crewname and all assigned roles. There is no do-over button.


/crew delete role CHARACTER ROLE CREWNAME will delete a characters role from that specific crewname.


`/crew form NAME` will build assemble a group and assign the roles set for that crewname.

> /crew form main  
/crew form::main (6/6)  
::ROGUE (2883)  
::ENCHANTER (2877)  
::PALADIN (2864)  
::BEASTLORD (2886)  
::CLERIC (2896)  


/crew list with no crewname option will list all the crewnames you have built.

> /crew list  
Crewname List::all  
main (6/6)  
orckillers (6/6)  

/crew list NAME list with a crewname will show you all the members and their assigned roles.

> /crew list main  
Crewname List::main (6/6)