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Your pet is not a sex toy.. Treat it properly. Food, water, and kind words.


buff enable minion buffing
build forces a minion to be built and buffed
ds when on, prevents pet from attacking a damage shield mob
engage % mob health for pet to engage
gear weapon control for pets
engage % mob health for pet to engage
illusion name of illusion for pet
onforce send pet with /cc force command
pet enable using pet
sengage % mob health to use swarm pets
shrink submenu for pet shrink item
swarm enable using swarm pets

/minion . buff:off . build . ds:off . engage:95 . gear:-> . illusion:[off] . onforce:off . pet:off . sengage:98 . shrink:-> . swarm:off


active enable using minion weapons
begalias alias to match in /buff to hand out weapon packs
weapon name of weapon to give pet

/minion gear . active:off . begalias:[off] . weapon:[off]


active enable shrinking your pet
item name of whatever to shrink the pet with (does not have to be an item)

/minion shrink . active:off . item:[off]


This system does not support handing things to other pets.