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= Controls =
= Controls =
{| class="wikitable" style="text-align: left;"
|(this is a work in progress)
|(this is a work in progress)

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The options in /entropy allow you to adjust how the macro functions.
If not used carefully, these can seriously break things. Know what you are doing first.


autolist (this is a work in progress)
castloops cast retries on a failure
buffcooldownwait wait for spell cooldown to do next buff
concolor uses the concolor of the mob in all text outputs
dannet dannet options
engine current character combat engine to use
fizzles how many times you want to retry a fizzled cast
hook enable hooks
events use custom events
hud hud things
loopdelay main macro loop delay per cycle
maintenance places entropy into a maintenance mode
manautoinv use auto inventory controls while in manual mode
navlog show mq2nav spam
random macro randomization options
relaytell enable relaying tells to your tie toon
rememberset remembers the last /build set NAME setting

/entropy . autolist:off . buffcooldownwait:on . castloops:1 . concolor:off . dannet:-> . engine:1 . events:off . fizzle:0 . hook:off . hud:-> . maintenance:off . manautoinv:off . navlog:off . nettimeout:1 . relaytell:off . rememberset:off


This is a work in progress. The intent is to add specific resistant mobs to the zone /area lists. The main problem is same named mobs that are resistant and others that are not.


The number of times an attempt is made to cast something. I no not advise setting this over 1.


see: [Engine](Engines)


(page goes here)


|opt|aux| |---|---| |time|toggle in game time and RL time| |update|updates a hudby name| |delete|deletes a hud by name|

There are three huds in Entropy. - entropy: the main hud - dev: the debug hud - cursor: shows the current mouse over UI name

example: `/entropy hud update entropy` will install the main entropy hud

`/loadhud NAME` will load the hud if you need it. `/unloadhud NAME` will unload a hud.


Enabling the maintenance mode, will give you a cross between manual and an extremely limited automatic mode. While enabled, the the code will respond to / commands, eat food/drink and only do /buff now. That is its' life. Nothing else.


When enabled, will use the autoinventory lot rules while /env auto is off.


variance - engage - pet - rez - swarm - burn -


This will relay a tell any toon gets to their tie toon. As an added bonus, setting `swRelayTellBeep` TRUE will annoy your entire household. Enjoy..


This will remember the last set you loaded on that toon on mac start.