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Shared Commands

The following are the / commands use throughout Entropy

admin - administration commands
agro - agro controls and agto lists for engine2/3
alto - stops everything: movement, combat, casting, wanking.. you name it. it's done
area - all zone related controls
beg [alias] - begs your crew for a buff
buff - all buffing options
build - will allow for an import or export of the current characters settings
burn - If you're not burning... you should be..
cb - force cycle buff types
cc - combat controls
chr - all commands related to that class
cls - clears all NPCs and set to clear on looted
coh [group] - request a coh from your local mage or a group coh
crew - how to influence people and win friends
cure - how to remove cooties!
cursor - looting controls
debuff - all debuffing controls
debug - all debugging options
defense - in combat defensive rotation
dot - keep your cooties to yourself
edit - how to directly edit something in the database
enter - uses: doors, levers, books. things you right click to move to
entropy - macro design altering options
env - environment configurations for that character
off - shuts down your crew. puts them to manual mode (except you)
grab [name] - will pick up ground spawns - 20' away with a name (partial names are accepted} e.g. /grab glowing
gtfo - run screaming like a little girl from the ork pawn... go ahead.. run...
here - sets your crew to instant combat ready. for when your dumb ass bard screws up again
home - home and base movement controls
heal - all you ever needed to know about healing
invis - can do self invis or stack with group AAs depending on classes present
lesson - uses aa lesson of the devoted
melee - melee skills to cycle
minion - for the love of whatever gods you follow. turn your pet taunt off on raids
miscdps - (Engine2/3) miscellaneous dps cycle
mode - Alternative ... modes to Entropy operations
navto [WPname] [name|target|loc] [invis] - will navigate you to either our current target or the name of a spawn (partial names accepted)
nomore - removes buffs (they are a crutch)
nuke - Throwing water balloons n'shit
on - turns your crew on. sets them to automatic mode (except you)
port - ports for items, guild halls, all sorts of stuff
pred - predictive combat
pull - pulling controls
repeat - everyone says what you say to the target you have
rest - don't get paid to sit on your ass
rez - bring out the dead
sash - bandolier
see - will let you see the contents of any map or list
song - bard cat calls 'n shit
splash - [CLR|PAL] splash heals command for clerics and paladins
swap - swaps an item into a slot. e.g. /swap sword of gnome slaughter 13 would put that sword into character slot 13 and what ever was there would be put where the sword was pulled from
tags - Tags.. these are for all kinds of things..
take - accept ports, TPs, missions, rezes, trades
tc - tc/tie control
ttl - adaptive system for mob lifespan
watch - watches the map for things

Some other useful information

Help - in macro help
Prediction - predictive combat
Timers - how to edit/see timers
Class Order - when a class is gonna do something