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Class orders determine what each class will do when the macro main loop releases to the class. Each class can go through 4 stages depending on how you have it set up for in and out of combat and what /cc modes you have set for it.

Class Orders

Order List Variable
Base Order lsOrderClassBase
Pre Order lsOrderClassPre
Main Order lsOrderClass
Post Order lsOrderClassPost

Base Order

Base Order will be checked at the start of every class call. It is checked inside and outside of combat. Its purpose is specific to each class. Some classes check xtarget settings, some check if their pets are still fit for combat, Some check ammunition, and so on. Things that classes need that you don't want to waste time on while in active combat.

Pre Order

Pre order is checked at the onset of an engage, not to the point to /cc engage %, even if the mob is 100%, this is the first part checked. This list order will get continually checked until the mob reaches your engage %

Main Order

Main Order is the actual combat routine. Once an engage has reached your engage point, this loop will be maintained until the mob is dead or you force a stop, or the assist changes target.

Post Order

Once the Main Order has been completed, this will be executed 1 time before releasing the class code back to the main macro loop.

= options =

Order Name Description
melee /melee
heal /heal
burn class burn() routine
misc class misc_combet() routine
dot /dot
nuke /nuke
debuff /debuff
item /clickitem
pet sends pets in and swarm for active combat
swarm class specific swarm pets like bst and mage
manarecover shared mana_recover() routine
alliance *borked atm*
staminarecover shared stamina_recover() routine
checkminion pet class pet checker thingie
xtarget sorts/builds xtargets
taunt taunt stuff
agro agro routines
harmonious knight harmonious routine
cc mez routine
gather aa mana gather routine
mode cycle any modes that are enabled

= notes =

Not all class list options apply to all classes. As usual, some common sense is needed. If you have a tank with cc in its /class list orders, there is nothing we can do for you here.