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/area or the zone controls holds lists of mob names that you want to apply special considerations.

With the exception of safe, all the /area controls require an active target to use. This is to make sure the names get placed into the database correctly. I have no intention of changing this.

Has the following options

safe is this a safe zone? no combat required
exclude exclude this target from all combat
charm do not use
range use range only combat for this target
nomez do not mez this target
nocast no casting on this target
nomelee no melee on this target
nofire no fire based on this target
nopoison no poison based on this target
nomagic no magic based on this target
nocorruption no corruption based on this target
nocold no cold based on this target
nodisease no disease based on this target

/area safe:on named . exclude . charm . range . nomez . nocast . nomelee . nofire . nopoison . nomagic . nocorruption . nocold . nodisease

To remove a mob from a list, target the mob and do /area delete. This will remove the target from all options for the zone you are in.